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From saving trees to rescuing cats, we've got you covered.

Ground to Crown is a full-service tree care company that believes in educating our customers to make the best decisions for the health and safety of their trees. Along with tree removal and pruning, we also offer a wide range of tree services. 




If you have older trees with dead branches, trees that are growing too close to structures and driveways, or fruit trees that need some TLC, our tree pruning services are ideal. We’ll assess which branches need to be removed, taking into consideration the best course of action for the health of your trees. 



A tree that is diseased or dead, especially one that is in danger of falling on your property, will most likely need to be removed. You also may need trees removed for access, gaining more light, or building a new structure. It’s important to consult with an arborist before removing any tree, and equally important to work with an expert that can strategically fell the tree without risk to your personal property. 


When a storm brings down a tree, you want to take care of the issue as soon as possible. Whether trees have fallen on a structure or on your land, getting a professional team to remove the tree without further damage to your property is key. Be sure to contact your home insurance company first thing to report the damage and to ensure that you are covered for the removal. Report any downed or live power lines. Our emergency tree removal customers get fast service to address the potential dangers and to get your property back to normal as quickly as possible. 









When you have a line of trees that’s taking away from a stunning view, vista pruning is a great solution. This involves thoughtful pruning that takes out select branches and opens up the view without compromising the health of the tree. The benefits of this method, rather than complete removal, include maintaining tree diversity, preventing erosion, allowing habitat for animals, and improving the aesthetics by framing the view. 


Often, wooded areas include invasive species and/or weak or damaged native species. Stand management selectively removes those trees that will inhibit the healthy and native varieties, giving them space to grow, and increasing the available nutrients for the trees to flourish.  



When a large tree is in need of support to prevent splitting, or has a dual stem structure, cabling is an excellent solution. This approach supports the trees, enabling them to move fluidly while providing a strong and stable rigging as they grow.








Unfortunately, pests happen to trees. We offer treatment for pests and disease that minimize chemical spread and property runoff. We’ll assess your tree and prescribe the best plan for getting it back to health. Additionally, if the tree is past help, we will give you honest recommendations for removal to avoid spreading the pests to healthy trees. 


When a builder begins putting up a home, they often clear out what they need and keep a few trees for aesthetics. Unfortunately, many builders don’t understand the potential impact of grading, leveling, and building on cleared land. Many trees that are left standing end up dying a few years after construction. 


Whether you’re a builder or a homeowner that is planning to build on land, consider a pre-construction consultation. We’ll come in and assess the trees, helping you determine what to save, what not to, and which trees need extra protection. We’ll then set up a Tree Protection Zone to avoid damage during construction, and we’ll fertilize the trees to give them more strength during the stress of building. . 



Want to put in a rope swing for your kids (or yourself)? We will assess the best tree for installation, taking into consideration your safety and the health of the tree. Then, we’ll scale the tree and install your swing. 



Thinking about building a treehouse? Whether it’s for your kids or for the adults, treehouses need to be built sympathetically with the trees to avoid damage and potential death of the trees. We can assess your build location and determine if it’s optimal, then make recommendations for the best way to work with the trees and keep them healthy. 


We’re not kidding! Fire departments don’t provide this service anymore, so we are happy to come out and rescue your feline friend if it gets stuck up in a tree. We are not just certified tree experts; we are cat lovers, too! 


Bats are incredible neighbors to have. They eat three times their weight in mosquitoes every night. Installing bat boxes not only gives these helpful friends a safe, dry home, but it keeps them out of yours! If you're interested in having bat boxes installed, we can provide the box and proper installation. We'll even send you instructions on how to take care of your bat box!


"Wonderful service from Anthony and Betty, from the initial visit to inspect a wounded tree, through providing their estimate, handling winter-weather scheduling, and then coming to do the work and cleaning up afterwards. They obviously care about the trees, their customers, and how they operate their business.

Highly recommended."

Sue Stigleman

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